Feature list

  • Stock synchronization
    M-Shop will update your stock data almost real time, both in Magento and in Mamut. While doing so, it also takes into account orders that are yet to come from Magento
  • Manage products
    Manage the data and product descriptions of all your products from within Mamut and add videos, pictures, cross-sell and up-sell products in Magento
  • Order synchronization
    New orders that are made in Magento are automatically created in Mamut as new orders or invoices
  • Customer data synchronization
    Synchronize your customer information in Mamut with the information you have in Magento. Bundle all the information on addresses, buying habits and order history.
  • Automatically create customers
    Newly created customers in Mamut are automatically transferred to Magento. On top of that, a client card will be automatically created in Mamut for all new customers.
  • Category synchronization
    Copy your Mamut categories directly to Magento, or apply a different category structure in your Magento webshop. Your products can automatically be assigned to the appropriate categories.
  • Exclusive categories
    Turn one or more parts of your webshop into an exclusive section. Only allow certain customers to access these products. Perfect for showing off your latest collection.
  • Price rules
    Apply price rules from Mamut to groups of customers and thus give special discounts to new and existing customers, depending on the agreements you have with them.
  • Individual price rules
    Apply unique price rules to every individual customer when discount agreements have been made. Offer your customer the exact discount that you’ve agreed upon.
  • Order history
    Customers can review their orders in your online environment. Both your Magento and your Mamut orders can be displayed so repeat orders can be made.
  • Tier pricing
    Use tier pricing in your Magento webshop based on the tier prices you have set in Mamut. The right prices are automatically applied to the products in both systems.
  • Only 1 licence needed
    M-Shop is an affordable solution to any business. All you need is one M-Shop licence to connect all your Magento webshops with your Mamut installation.

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