What is Mamut Business Software?
Mamut offers a complete and affordable backend solution for MKB customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, England and Ireland. All parts of your operations can be registered and managed in Mamut, such as:

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Stock
  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • And much more
What is Magento?
Magento is a fundamental environment on which you can design a webshop. Magento is market leader in e-commerce and offers great opportunities to optimize your online sales
Can M-Shop connect other webshop packages to Mamut?
No, M-Shop can only Mamut and Magento connect. Other packages are not supported.
For which versions can M-Shop be used
M-Shop supports Mamut from version 12.5 and higher and Magento 1.5 and higher.
What's the pricing of M-Shop
The B2C version of M-Shop has a licence fee of 999 euro’s once and a 25 euro monthly fee (to be paid anually in advance). The B2B version of M-Shop has a licence fee of 1999 euro once and 50 euro a month (to be paid anually in advance). The advanced B2B plus version has a licence fee of 2999 euro.
Which stock items are synchronised from Mamut to Magento?
M-Shop will ask the stock details for every product that is connected to Mamut in Magento. When the total stock is calculated, Magento will see which orders are not yet known in Mamut. The number of products that are ordered in Magento, but are not yet sent to Mamut, will be subtracted from the stock. This way, your stock will always be up-to-date.
How often can the stock be synchronised?
We advise our customers to manually upload the stock data the first few times. That way you will know how much time a full synchronisation will take. Depending on the number of products, the amount of pending orders and the speed of your Magento environment this proces can take between 1 and 30 minutes. When it’s clear how fast your environment is, we can then decide how often your M-Shop can be configured to synchronize. The duration of the synchronization is displayed during the actual synchronization process.
What product data can be sent from Mamut to Magento?
We’ve chosen let a big part of the product data management take place in Magento. Magento guarantees an optimal online performance to your customers and to Google. That’s why only the basic product information is sent to Mamut:

  • Product ID
  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Product standard price
  • Product TAX
  • Stock
  • In what webshops the product should be visible
Can images and video's be sent from Mamut to Magento?
We do advise to let the advanced product management take place in Magento. We can transfer the three pictures from the product sheet to Magento, but we can’t give the pictures a description. We don’t transfer video’s with M-Shop.
What product data will I continue to manage in Magento?
All marketing related data is basically managed and maintained in Magento. Such as:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Aberrant prices
  • Discounts
  • Shipping costs
  • Configurable products
When is the order information synchronised?
In the settings pannel you can tell M-Shop what Magento order statuses should be sent to Mamut. By default, orders with the status processing and complete are sent to Mamut.
Can I directly create invoices in mamut based on the incoming Magento orders?
Yes, there are settings in the M-Shop pannel that let you enable Mamut to create invoices or orders based on the incoming Magento orders.
How are discounts dealt with?
Magento uses discounts as a percentage and fixed discounts. Discounts as a percentage are directly adopted in Mamut. On a 10 euro order with 20 discount, the order rule in Mamut will have a base price of 10 euro with a discount percentage of 20. On fixed discounts a new base price will be place in Mamut. On a 10 euro order with a 2 euro disount, the base price in Mamut will be 8 euro and the discount will not be shown.
Can I synchronize configurable products?
Yes, if the underlying SKU numbers of the configurable products are known in Mamut, the connection will work in the same way as it does for simple products.
How are my orders connected to the correct relation ID's?
When creating and matching clients there are 2 important checks made. First of all, M-Shop will see if there’s a Magento ID of the relation known in Mamut. When a Magento ID is not found, the e-mail address will be used to find an existing relation. When this address is found somewhere in Mamut, a match is made on that relation. WHen there are no corresponding relations found, a new client card is made in Mamut.
Why is there a service agreement on M-Shop?
Mamut and Magento both have several yearly updates. These upgrades change columns in the database. The service agreements assures M-Shop stays functional with new versions of Mamut and Magento.

On top of that, within the service agreement you can contact us with questions about M-Shop and submit any possible bugs. This way for a fixed yearly fee you can be sure your M-Shop is fully operational and the support is there when you need it.

Where can I get support?
In case of any problems with M-Shop, the program itsself will usualy give you a clear notification of the problem. Based on the notification you can decide if you need to make some adjustments yourself, if your Magento developer should jump in or the RedAnt support team can further assist you.

For M-Shop support you can e-mail support@redant.nl or call +31 (0) 30 2443101

When should I choose M-Shop B2B?
If you’re working with partners, resellers or distributors then most of your clients will have their own prices for each products. These price agreements can be registered and maintained in Mamut. With the B2B version of M-Shop you can assure your clients these agreemens and their information will be available in your Magento webshop. That way your clients have a clear insight in their own prices and can buy directly from your shop or see if your products are in stock. You should choose the B2B version if you have many corporate clients that all have their own product prices.
What has to be changed on my Magento environment?
For the B2C version of M-Shop there rarely have to be made any changes to your webshop environment. Experius will make a check if your webshop is suited for the Magento extension of M-Shop. If this is the case, you can start using the connection immediately. Should there be any problems, Experius can assist you in making your environment suited based on a quote.

For the B2B version, a more comprehensive extension is needed. If you would like to start using this product you should best first contact Experius.

Can I become a reseller of M-Shop?
Are you a Mamut partner or Magento developer? Send an e-mail to info@redant.nl or call +31 (0) 30 2443101 for our interesting partnership offers.
How is the configuration of my M-Shop done?
When you purchase the M-Shop extension, the check and assurance that the connection is made to your webshop is assured. Experius will take care of the installation of the Magento extension. RedAnt will install M-Shop on your Mamut environment. For configuring your M-Shop we’ve created a manual, which will guide you through all features and settings. For a rate of 299 euro for a day, RedAnt can assist you in configuring your M-Shop the right way. In addition to that, RedAnt can help you further arrange your Mamut installation based on the applicable hourly rate.
How can I best deal with direct debits?
For direct debits, all the data is correctly stored in Magento. When transferring this data to Mamut, some problems will occur:

  • Mamut will stick to old bank account numbers in it’s database. The only way to remove those is by overwriting them in the database, by which Mamut information is lost. The risk of losing information is not one we like to take.
  • Mamut does not track for each order whether it should be collected, possibly causing wrong debits. When a customer has made two orders in a short timespan with different bank account numbers, Mamut should collect both debts on the latest bank account. The risk of making wrong debits is not one we like to take.

For these two reasons we advice our clients to leave the debt collecting to Magento, making sure the right order- and bank information is used.

Can all Magento extensions work with M-Shop?
Some Magento extensions make their own database fields in your Magento webshop database. These database fields will not be included in the M-Shop connection. M-Shop can be extended to suit your needs. An estimation of the needed investment for this can be given in advance.